Reduce or Stop 'Keep Alive' SIM Mobile data use?

From the attached chart, it looks like there is mobile data use on the SIM that is only used with fail-over, but traffic is occurring when not in fail over.

How can we reduce or completely eliminate this traffic?



When the data connection is established, it’s not possible to completely eliminate data usage, as some of it is generated by the network itself and not necessarily by the router. However, to minimize the data usage as much as possible, here are a few tips:

  • Disable all unnecessary services running on the router

    • Almost all VPN services have a keepalive mechanism built-in, thus some data usage is expected. The best solution would be to disable them outright, although some VPN support extending the keepalive values or disabling them completely.
    • If the device is added to RMS, it uses some data for keepalive and parameter monitoring. RMS service can be disabled by navigating to Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS. If RMS is necessary, then further adjustments to monitored values can be made in the RMS platform itself: RMS Management menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki
    • Disable firmware over-the-air checking, as this service periodically checks if there is a new firmware release available for the device or the internal modem. This can be done by navigating to System → Firmware → FOTA Configuration
    • Disable SIM Switch and Failover, as they can periodically send ICMP packets to check internet connectivity;
    • Disable Auto APN feature (Network → WAN → mob1s1a1/mob1s2a1 → disable Auto APN), as it pings the pre-defined DNS servers to check if internet connectivity is established;
  • Disable the Internet access for LAN clients. This can be done by navigating to Network → Firewall → General settings and change the Forward chain on the LAN zone to Reject. This way the LAN clients will not be able to access the internet.

If the data usage still remains high, you can monitor the established connections on the Status → Realtime Data → Connections page, as it will display the Source IP, Destination IP, and the amount of data used for that connection. This could help you determine the source of the data usage.

Hope this helps determine the source of the data usage!

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