Reading modbus data from a device on serial connected to a RUT956

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I have a device connected to a RUT956 over a serial modbus connection. I have set the registers up and i can read them from the RUT956 GUI.

I’m a bit confused as to how I’m to read their values remotely. I’ve looked at the data to the server and modbus slave, but it seems that I can only get the system the data from the RUT 956 itself, and not the data from the device behind the RUT956. Am i approaching this wrong?

Hello Steifanc,

It’s great that you can see the registers and read data from them. In order to forward that serial data to a remote device, you indeed need to use data to server function but with specific kinds of parameters.

In data to server window (Services → Data to Server) create a new data sender (or you can use the one you created previously). Provide a name, as data source select Modbus data. Select your desired protocol. Each protocol has its parameters that you need to set them up. For example, if you need to send the data via HTTP(S), you would specify the IP address + port or hostname where you need that serial data to go.

Example’s photo:

In JSON format field you need to create a JSON with modbus data variable inside it (%a). For example, {”TS”: ”%t”, ”data”: ”%a”, ”Slave ID”: “%i”}. This would send a time stamp, modbus data and slave ID.

If you need more information about specific parameters go to our wiki. RUT956 Data to Server - Teltonika Networks Wiki. This page shows what each data sender parameter means.

If you have more questions feel free to contact me again.

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