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if Auto APN is selected, the APN is chosen from a databasen based on the carrier. For example:

Is there a way to read out the carrier attribute which was used to determine the APN?


Each time your device establishes a connection with an operator, this event is logged in the system. You can access these logs via the WebUI:

  1. Go to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot.
  2. Scroll down to the “Troubleshoot” section and click on “Show” next to “System log”.
  3. The logs reflecting the device’s connection to an operator will be displayed as shown below:

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to ask.

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Hello Marija,

thanks for the reply. I just checked the log and found
Tue Mar 19 16:30:32 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] Starting modem settings init
Tue Mar 19 16:30:32 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] SIM is ready
Tue Mar 19 16:30:35 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] Modem settings init completed
Tue Mar 19 16:30:35 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] Starting connection setup
Tue Mar 19 16:30:35 2024 daemon.err mobifd: [gsm.modem0] GSM error in “mb_manage_volte:229” (Failed to parse response), gsmd_method_id: “95”
Tue Mar 19 16:30:36 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] Attempting to establish connection to operator with “15s” of timeout
Tue Mar 19 16:30:36 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] Connected to operator “Bell”

But this was not the information I lokked for. I want to find out which carrier information on my SIM is used to find the APN. See an example of googles APN database, in this case the value I am looking for is “Bell Internet” is this information provided somewhere. I already now how I can read out the slected APN but not the value which is used for the selection.

Regards Benjamin


Sorry for any confusion. Currently, we are utilizing the Android APN database. You can determine which APN the router is choosing by examining the device logs. This can be accomplished by accessing the CLI or SSH interface and running the command logread.

In the provided logs, you can see that the device is connected to the operator and then started using the specified APN:
Wed Mar 20 07:56:54 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] Connected to operator “TAVO BITE TAVO BITE”
Wed Mar 20 07:56:54 2024 mobifd: [gsm.modem0] -COPS- Mode: “Auto”, operator: “TAVO BITE TAVO BITE”
Wed Mar 20 07:56:55 2024 daemon.notice netifd: Interface ‘mob1s1a1’ is setting up now
Wed Mar 20 07:56:57 2024 daemon.notice netifd: mob1s1a1 (11411): Starting network mob1s1a1 using APN: bangapro

For more detailed information about Auto APN, please refer to our wiki page: Auto APN.

I hope this addresses your question. If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask

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