Reach internal devices under public URL


I want to set up a local webserver in the LAN of my RUT955. I want to make this server publicly reachable from outside by forwarding port 443 to it. But when using public DNS from a computer on the LAN (other than the web server), I obviously get the public IP address. This results in the request being sent to the WAN port of the router, making the connection slow and expansive (mobile paid WAN connection).

So, how do you forward LAN requests made to the public IP address (WAN) on the router back into the LAN?
Or, how can I resolve DNS requests locally, if they come from local devices?


In the port forwarding rule configuration, there is an option to enable NAT loopback. This should allow you to access the web server using the public IP address.

Another simple option would be to edit the hosts file (/etc/hosts) to resolve the hostname to the IP address. You can do ‘vi /etc/hosts’ or:

echo “” >> /etc/hosts

You may need to restart Dnsmasq:

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

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