RE: SNMP time-out RSSI error in Zabbix

My experience with this template is that on routers with no SIM card, the modem discovery rule causes the SNMP service on the router to die within about an hour. Simply disabling those discovery rules on those hosts fixes it.

Something else I noticed…the modemEntry discovery rule creates some items called

ICMP response time - operator {#OPERATOR}
ICMP loss - operator {#OPERATOR}

with #OPERATOR macro being substituted with name of 4G operator detected on modem.

You would think from the name of this item that these values are ping times to [something] over the 4G modem, but they’re not. I plugged a FTTP connection into the WAN port of the router, and guess what? the “operator” ping times went from 80ms to 15ms!

Other than that, the template is pretty good. Comprehensive coverage of RutOS SNMP features.

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