Raymarine connect to WiFi as client

Helle there I have the following setup on a RUT950

Has to be connected to WiFi access point: tablet and phone
Has to be connected as WiFi client: Raymarine chartplotter with build ind dhcp server (there cannot be disabled)
Internet has to be connected thru WiFi client or fallover to mobil
Wired Lan has to be connected to sail processor and displays

So data from both WiFi clients (one as internet connection), Wired LAN and mobil (as fallover for WiFi client) has to be routed to WiFi access point to mobil device, can that be done…

I know a little of settings but not so much

Looking forward to you good help




It looks like you need to set up DHCP relay and failover for your network.

Here are some helpful resources:

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Thx, where do i find dhcp server ip on the WiFi client I use to connect to the Raymarine?


The DHCP server address should match the IP address of the device that is acting as the DHCP server.

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This is the setup, I can se the DNS in the Raymarine axiom is, i believe that is also my dhcp server…

When under LAN I try to set dhcp server to relay from and ad port 68 under firewall, it does not affect anything.

I have connected to my Raymarine axiom under WiFi as a client, and that says ok/connected there…

I can’t understand step 3
3. DHCP Server must be able to assign addresses from IP address pool.

I cannot control anything in the Raymarine axiom dhcp server…

And is step 4 also in my RUT950? That step I did not do

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