Question, how to make 5G dual band?


How to make 5G work with dual bands instead of (default) one?
I mean like with +4G there are dual or triple bands.

I’ve pondered over this one myself and i’m assuming that at the mo networks aren’t making this an option yet.

As 5G becomes commonplace with an increase in demand for even more, dual-band 5G may become available.

Just guessing!!

First of all your operator should provide connection on more than one 5G band. Secondly, modem should be able to handle two or more 5G bands with carrier aggregation. As far as I know, current modem on RUTX50 or TRB500 is not able to handle more than one 5G band.


The modem used in RUTX50 and TRB500 devices can aggregate up to 5CA on LTE, or 4 LTE + 1 NR carrier. As mentioned by iBoucher, the modem cannot aggregate two (or more) 5G bands.

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Thank you AndzejJ,

I’m happy with the speeds i’m getting on my RUTX50 with a single 5G band.

At some point in the future a need to change the router will present itself in whatever way that happens, will Teltonika be developing a new router and or changing the modems used so that multiple 5G bands are possible in the future?

Hello @akwe-xavante ,

Glad to hear that you are happy with the device.

Yes, there will definitely be new 5G devices with newer modems in the future, including those that support CA on 5G.

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I hope that you will start installing 2.5 Gbps LAN ports in new devices for the sake of the 5G network, which in some countries actually goes up to 2 Gbps on the N78 NSA on 5CA and 4x4MIMO

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