Python scripting with calculation and send data using MQTT

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I have router RUT200 and I want to do data manipulation using python scripting, and send it on cloud using MQTT protocol.
Actual structure is Siemens make plc will give data to RUT200 over TCP connection and that data will be manipulate in teltonika router using python, and concluded data I will send on cloud.
Provide sample script if any…

How’s it’s possible?
Give me solution for same.

Thanks in advance.


Python3 is available on Teltonika Networks devices that have enough memory for it. RUT200 does not have much memory, so Python is likely not an option for this device.

However, you should be able to achieve your goals via shell scripting.

You can create a shell script where you can use UBUS modbus calls to send Modbus requests to your Modbus servers. Then, you can proccess the response the way you need, and publish it to your MQTT broker via Mosquitto.

There’s quite a few posts on this forum that contain useful information for your case. For example, the following posts might be helpful:

Thus, I suggest using the search functionality to find relevant posts.

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