Programming an esp32 from USB port using

So, there is a version of available for OpenWrt. Has anyone tried using this to install code onto an ESP32 from a Teltonika RUT’s USB port?
This could be a useful way of remotely uploading source code to an IOT device such as an ESP32.

I am going to attempt this, but just wondering if anyone has attempted this previously?



This should be possible and it sounds like an interesting idea. If you go ahead with it, I’d love to hear how it turns out.

Additionally, keep in mind that communication with the modem is going through USB interfaces, so ensure you choose the correct one for communication with your ESP device.

One more thing to consider is that not all Teltonika devices have the same capabilities; some might not run Python or might run it poorly. For your use case, I would advise using an RUTX series device.

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