Problems signing in with two factor via email

Problems logging in with two factor via e-mail as I do not receive the e-mail.

So what do I do to enter the RMS site?


  • Please confirm if you have checked all email folders (most likely the email got to the spam or junk folder).
  • Also, have you tried to resend the email?
  • How long have you not been receiving emails?

I will be waiting for your answer so I can assist you further.

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I have checked whether we can receive e-mail at this address and it is no problem.

I have checked our spam folder and there is nothing here either.

We have not run two factor before on this user and therefore did not receive any emails until later when it was created.

It’s a bit urgent to get access here.

We use this user as a common user in our company and think this may possibly cause problems when it is two factor. Is there a possibility that all our employees can have their own user and still have shared access to all devices?


To receive 2FA emails, it is important that your mail server supports StartTLS encryption. If it does not, unfortunately, you will not receive emails from RMS. I recommend you try using a different email and check if you will receive emails.

Regarding allowing all employees to have their own user, yes, it is possible. You just need to invite them to RMS and you can select the role with permissions. More information can be found on our wiki page: How to add a new user to your RMS profile? - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

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OK, that’s why sikring@ is a group email.

Do you want to change it to

You can try changing the email address and then check if the issue persists with the new email. Please let me know how it goes!

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How do I change my e-mail when I can’t access the sikring@ account?

If the issue is urgent, I recommend you to contact us via this link Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT and we will assist you further.

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Why can’t you just change my email to someone else?

It seems somewhat unprofessional that after all this dialogue I have to start over…

Is this the level of support for us as an installer?

I apologize for the inconvenience. I suggested that approach because it’s likely to result in faster solutions, as there are others who may need to be involved in resolving the issue. However, we can certainly continue our conversation. To proceed, I’ll require some sensitive information about your device. I’ve sent you a form via email to fill out, allowing me to contact you privately. Please use ‘5609’ as the ticket ID.

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So this is done, can this be used?

You will receive an email from us.

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