Problem with VPN to a Siemens PLC S7 300

I’m trying to establish a VPN connection via OPENVPN with a RUT240. I can also set up the VPN Hub. Unfortunately I can’t find the IP address on the LAN port. I can’t ping the IP address using the troubleshooting tool, but when I’m connected to the RUT240 via WiFi I can ping the address. What could be the problem here?


You are unable to ping the LAN IP address of your RUT240 through RMS VPN Hub. Is that correct?

What is the LAN IP address of your RUT240?

Could you please share your RMS VPN Hub configurations? Please, hide any sensitive information that may be present in your configurations, such as your RMS email address, before sharing those configurations here.

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I´ve reset the router and then it works. It´s magic. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your effort!

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