Problem with mobile o2


I have rutx50 teltonika and one SIM card activ from o2 SK.
internet is problem.
o2 give me zyxel 5G modem, but i want me rutx50. my modem is better.
With modem from zyxel internet is ok.
But with rutx50 no.
can you me please help?
thank you.

can i IMEI change?


IMEI value is tied to the internal modem and cannot be changed.
Could you clarify the issue you’re experiencing? From the screenshot it seems that the internet connection is established and is functioning properly. Are the mobile connection speeds the issue?
If so, one suggestion would be to update to the latest firmware available here: RUTX50 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki
And in the Network → Firewall → General Settings enable both Software flow offloading and Hardware flow offloading.
Let me know if this helps.

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