Powering RUT 906 with PoE

I have several RUT906. On the official Website it says it can be powered via PoE. In the Wiki the Router is not listed as PoE supported devices.

Before i prepare my installation can anyone help and tell me if powering the router with PoE will work and if i can use any standard injector within the range of 9-30VDC?

From the WiKi RUT906 Powering Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Passive PoE is typically 24 volt but to will notice in the RJ45 pin out diagram pins 4 & 5 are listed as 9-30VDC

Hello @schloesser-3p ,

I see that @Mattk has already provided an excellent reference resource as well.

To provide some more clarification. The RUT906 is only rated to be powered through Lan 1 with Passive PoE.

If you attempt to power the device with Active PoE there is a high chance of permanently damaging the device.

As long as you attempt to power the device over passive PoE with 9-30VDC the device should operate as intended. Anything above 30VDC will damage the device.

Additional Passive PoE reference info can be found here (https://community.fs.com/article/active-vs-passive-poe-switch.html)

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Any Passive PoE injector that delivers in-range voltage (I use 24v) AND IS ABLE TO deliver the wattage required … see spec of router for maximum power draw of device.

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