Power socket Digital input on RUT200 modbus and sms problem


i want to get status Digital input via modbus and sms
follow this website

DI address is 324 DO is 325

  1. when i shot between 24VDC and pin3 i/O status page show high but modbus data not change. DO work properly when i change to open modbus address 325 change to 1
  2. SMS utility not send input data when change to high but i can send message via SEND SMS MESSAGE function


Could you clarify which firmware version is in use? If it’s not the latest, could you update the device and check the behavior?
Also, could you clarify if you would like to receive an SMS when the input state changes, or are you requesting it manually? If it’s the first case, then I/O Juggler should be used instead of SMS Utilities.

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i already update firmware
modbus can read power socket io value but sms still not sent data

both sms and email not send when condition trigger
Can you remote to check my config?


Remote session is not possible, as private communication is not possible on this forum. Please clarify how you have configured the SMS rule and attach the screenshots. Thank you.

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Condition setting

SMS Action setting

email action setting

Please try sending an SMS by navigating to Services → Mobile utilities → Messages → Send Messages.
If that works, please reconfigure the I/O Juggler as follows:

  • In the Actions tab, create a new instance with Type as Email. Reconfigure everything as per your screenshot.
  • Also in the Actions tab, create a new instance with Type as SMS. Once again, reconfigure the Text message field and recipient. Leave the Conditions field empty for testing.
  • Back in the General tab, create a new instance with Input (3) as the role. Select the previously created actions, trigger, and enable the instance.

This should be enough to receive an SMS and an Email once the input pin is supplied the voltage.

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