Power Connector Chassis Side (Rutx50)

Whats the specific Name of the Chassis Power Plug,
I have a rutx50 where we ripped the little nose where the cable Plug holds onto.
So its no longer secured. I like to replace it If possible.

Are you referring to the power socket (router side) or the 4 pin power plug (cable side)?

Router side

They look similar to a Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 … have a look on the molex site and compare the dimensions.

Below are the dimensions for the Teltonika Plug, to make a comparison.


or check amazone
power teltonika
connector teltonika

Doubt that amazone lot would carry the chassis socket? Would they?

Also something to be aware of in regard the 4 Pin power cable with 4 way screw terminal PR2FK20M knock offs that have incorrect cable to pin outs. The VCC and GND are White & Green in pins 1 & 2. The only visible difference is these knock off power cables don’t have boot lace ferrules and of course come in plain packaging

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