Port forwarding between WAN (used as LAN) and LAN


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I’m trying to use the RUT955 as a managed switch, so I can redirect traffic from the WAN port (used as LAN) into LAN ports, with different networks:

I was able to have the WAN as a LAN in another interface, but I’m struggling to create the appropiate port forwarding rules as shown in the image. Any support?

@rashid feel free to start back from here! Thanks for your support.


It’s not possible to use the router as a switch with different networks. One option is to maintain the factory configurations, disable Network Address Translation (NAT), and deactivate the firewall. These changes can be made through the router’s WebUI under Network → Firewall → General settings:


If your PC is directly connected to the WAN port, you’ll need to configure a static IP address On your PC:

Also, your router must have a static IP as well. You can adjust the configuration by navigating to Network → LAN → LAN interfaces and then selecting the “Edit” button.


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Hi Marija,

Thanks for the comment. I was able to do that, and I have the network properly configured:

Then, I’ve deactivated the firewall:

But, I’ve got no possiblity. I’ve tried both port forwarfing and traffic rules, but no luck.

Is there any other thing I’m missing? Thanks for your help.

@Marija see attached.

Solved, by using port forwarding rules, and masquerade on, it worked:

and desabling NAT loopback on the port forward rule.

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