Periodic sending of Modbus data on RUT995 not working with FW RUT9_R_00.07.06

I have 6 RUT955 with Modbus TCP client configured to collect a number of modbus registers every 60 seconds. Data to server function is used to send the modbus data via mqtt.
Since upgrading one of the routers from FW 00.06 to 00.07 firmware only one of the modbus registers is sent to the server and it send continously and not periodically. I cannot get it it work and had to stop data to server for that router.

Modbus TCP client device config:

Collection configuration:

Server configuration:


I just tried to downgrade the firmware and then I lost all settings.
Before downgrade I took a backup but when I try to restore I get this error:

Now I have to manually setup everything from scratch on this router, which is really bad.

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