Performance with RUTX50

I live in a 4g area with a RUTX14 working fine, connecting to 4G (LTE) with an ok signal of 72dbm and get 20mbs down and 10mb up speeds.
As I am about to move to a 5g area I thought I would upgrade to a RUTX50 - but cannot get RUTX50 to work using same connections and sim card even though it says it’s connected at 4G with the same signal strength.

Initially after switching to the RUTX50 it gave v poor internet 5mb down and almost 0mb up, so I upgraded firmware to RUTX_R_00.07.05 (latest one?), then i did a factory reset - now it gives no internet connectivity at all! - any ideas??? - in the meantime I’ve downgraded back to RUTX14.


Without having some more information it’s hard to know what the issue could be caused by. Please answer the following questions that may give us a better insight into the issue you’re facing:

  • Are all 4 antennas being used on the RUTX50?

    • Are they tightened properly?
    • What are the signal values like? They can be found in Status → Network → Mobile page.
    • Did RUTX14 use external antennas, or the ones included with the device?
  • Have you tried using different operators?

  • Have you tried moving the device to a part of the room with a more direct line of sight to the cell tower?

  • Are you using the original PSU?

  • You also mentioned you’ll be moving to a 5G area, perhaps the device was tested there?

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Hi, I have a high gain outdoor antenna in the second from left sma port and the other ports have the smaller internal antennas in them - they are all tightened and secure.
The signal looks fine 3 bars of signal and -72dBm, saying it’s data connected and registered 4G LTE connection but the up and down speeds are v bad less than 5mb down and just above 0mb up.
This is with the ‘3’ operator, i have tried with vodafone and same result.
I am unable to test in a 5g area for months yet until i move house there.
I am using the psu and external antenna that feeds the rutx14 - which works fine with downloads over 20mb and uploads about 10mb - but when i switch those connections to the rutx50 it almost stops providing an internet service. any other ideas?


I’d suggest testing the device with all 4 original antennas, as your setup is not standard and could cause issues. Just to make sure it is not signal-related, I’ll ask you to navigate to Status → Network → Mobile, and take a screenshot of the page. Please blur the IMSI, ICCID and Cell ID values for privacy.

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I have to use an external antenna as the signal is v poor, but for the test I tried without external antenna.
The RUTX14 still provides better up and down speeds than the RUTX50 with the same antenna arrangements - network status files enc for the three scenarios tested.

My conclusion is its down to the arrangement of the antennas. Because the mobile signal is so weak I have to use an external yagi antenna to boost the signal. The RUTX14 is OK with having one external antenna connected (20mb down/10mb up speeds). The RUTX50 is NOT OK with one external antenna (I get great download speeds but no up speed at all). I have researched antennas and will install a MIMO arrangement of YAGI antennas in the next week, I am convinced this will resolve the RUTX50 performance as it seems to need a balanced antenna connectivity.


To ensure optimal performance of the RUTX50 device, you need to connect at least two antennas to the outer SMA connectors. Unlike the RUTX14 model, which can operate with only one antenna, the RUTX50 model requires a minimum of two antennas for any operation. The signal parameters you provided also show a very low quality of connection.

I recommend that you invest in a 2x2 MIMO antenna, which will improve the signal strength and speed of your device. If you want to achieve the full potential of the RUTX50 device, you can also add another 2x2 MIMO antenna to the inner SMA connectors. This will enable you to use 4x4 MIMO connections and support mid-band 5G (n78) networks.

By connecting at least two outer antennas, you should see a significant increase in performance. The benefit of connecting the inner two antennas will depend on the location of the device and the coverage in the area.

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