Overheating RUT955

Hello, I am using a RUT955.
I use the router with the power supply adaptor that comes along with the unit, also all antenna’s are connected. Signals are good. Now the unit gets very warm, when I read the temperature in the WebUI it is nearly 70°C.
The unit is rated to max 75°C, but now the unit is on my desk in the room, the idea is to built the unit into a pelicase to be portable, I am afraid that it will overheat then.

Now my questions are:

  • Why is the unit already so warm, is this normal?
  • Does the unit needs active cooling (fan)?
  • Will it help if GPS, SIM2 are disabled?

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You’ve mentioned that the device is on your desk. Is it exposed to direct sunlight or placed in an area with limited airflow? These factors can cause the device to heat up more than usual.

When enclosed, such as inside a pelicase, the device may indeed experience higher temperatures, leading to potential overheating issues.
It’s worth mentioning that while RUT955 is designed to withstand high temperatures, it does not come with active cooling systems like fans.

While disabling services like GPS or the second SIM card might help to reduce some load and hence, lower the device temperature, the effect might not be very significant.

Here are a few more suggestions:
• Avoid placing the router in direct sunlight or near a heating source.
• Position the router in a well-ventilated area to allow the heat to dissipate.
• Keep the router away from other electronic devices that generate heat.

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