OpVPN "some fields are invalid"

hello all,

after change FW to 7.05 RUT950, when I fill OpVPN client parameters and click “SAVE”" I have error window “some fields are invalid”.
I know it looks like funny, but I have no idea what parameter is wrong. If parameter miss it is in red border, but I have all looks OK.

In FW 6.9.5 I have no problem.

thanks for tips Jan


I was not able to replicate this issue locally, perhaps you could post a screenshot of your full configuration (starting from the Enable switch)?
Additionally, could you post a screenshot of the HTTP response from the device? This can be accessed by opening the developer tools in Chrome, opening the Network tab, pressing Save & Apply, and one the failure toast message is seen, open the API response:

This will help me determine in which field the issue lies.

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I have some screens… but I cant to have “2” - Issue window

last notice - why I have OpVPN setting window sometimes short as you can see and other with more params…?


If the device was updated with the option “Keep settings” enabled, could you try factory resetting the device and check if the issue is still present?
As for the window not having all of the parameters available - your WebUI is set to Basic mode. This mode is intended to simplify the configuration, thus some more advanced parameters are hidden. The mode can be changed in the top-right corner of the web page.

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hello, you’re right, after restart to factory seems to be OK… and maybe BASIC view mode was activated.

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