Optimize mobile data RUTX50 with Poynting

On advice for mobile working and data/video streaming (in camper) I purchased the combination of a RUTX50 with an externally on the roof of my camper mounted Poynting Mimo-3-V2-17. Not the cheapest solution for a MiFi setup, but I wanted to do it right. Although I know how to configure a firewall/router and WiFi, I am no expert on antenna/mobile stuff.
The Poynting is connected with the original 7 cables (4x mobile/LTE, 2x WIFi, 1x GPS) without extenders or whatever.
WiFi is being used both to access internet with pc/tablet/mobile/Chromecast and to receive any possible avaibale local WiFi provider. All seems to work fine for this setup, incl. failover from 4G/5G <> local WiFi-provider.

The issue is that mobile performance is poor and with connection dropouts, especially during driving. Mobile reception seems fine from the gui; -59dBm RSSI, but I also read that if SINR is low, performance gets crap. And in my case SINR is indeed “Fair to poor”


I have not been able to find any suggestions on this community forum on how to improve a configuration like mine, what settings I can change (GUI or CLI) or what else I can do to have a proper performance and stable connectivity with this capable setup.

Any advice or suggestions (or proven solution) is greatly appreciated.



Your signal strength is not great, but it is acceptable. I understand that adding an additional antenna this is not ideal, but troubleshooting antennas on a moving vehicle is difficult and highly dependent on location. If you experience connection dropouts, especially when connected to the B3 band, try disabling that band. To do this, go to Network → Mobile → General, set Band selection to manual, and exclude the desired bands.

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