OpenVpn multiple clients on server not possible + status BUG


I have a RUTX11 on firmware RUTX_R_00.07.05.3
It is running a OPENVPN server and only one client can connect.
The second client can only connect if I disconnect the first client.
It was my understanding from previous posts that the RUTX11 is supposed to handle at least 200 clients?

Also the status ( won’t show the correct information:
Connected clients and IP information empty even when client is connected and working, and Uptime is 1day+ even when I just booted the router after being off for 2 days).
Status: Active
Local IP Address: -
Active clients: - (link to Active clients also empty)
Logs: 89
Uptime: 1d 05h 10m 14s

How can I have more than one OPENVPN client connected to the RUTX11 server?


It seems that you are using TAP mode. It should be possible to have multiple TAP clients, (though not 200 because the VPN clients is not the same as regular LAN clients) but you will need to configure the server and clients to use TLS. With static key, only one client can be connected at the same time.

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Hi, thanks for the information, I did not find this anywhere.
I’ll set up TLS and try again.

As for the problem with the status information not being correct or up-to-date.
Is this a bug or do I need to set anything to get it correct?

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There can be issues with the display of the VPN status if you have updated from the previous firmware versions to v7.05 with ‘keep settings’ option enabled. The OpenVPN status with v7.05 now shows more information and migrating settings to the new version can cause issues. Thus, I would suggest restoring the device to factory defaults and reconfigure it.

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This is what it is showing after a factory reset.
Still showing me “-” .

Hi AndzejJ

I switched to TLS, now multiple clients can connect :ok_hand:.
I also did a factory reset to test the VPN status but it only works with TLS. If put the static key back, the VPN status is not working.

FYI, I love the new feature to view the VPN logs directly from the VPN page in the RUTX11, will this be copied to other models like RUT2x 3x and 9x ?

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