OpenVPN-Client on RUT966 not connecting

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I am having difficulties to bring up an OpenVPN Tunnel between the client on a RUT966 box and an OpenVPN Server. OpenVPN-Traffic is enabled on the RUT966 and also the other settings look ok to me. But the tunnel always stays disconnected. As I found out (using WireShark) there is not a single Datapacket recieved by the server, so it looks like the client on RUT966 is not sending out anything!
Therefore it seems to be a basic problem. I hope you can help me there!
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By the way, if I run the OpenVPN-Client on a PC behind the RUT966, the tunnel comes up right away, but this is not what I am looking for.


Could you please provide some OpenVPN logs? For this, access the command line of your device following the instructions given here, using ‘root’ as the username and your WebUI password.

Next, execute the following command to view OpenVPN logs:

logread | grep openvpn

Before sharing these logs here, please ensure you remove any sensitive data, such as public IP addresses.

Additionally, Can you please explain whether you set up the OpenVPN client manually or used a configuration file? If you used a file, could you share the process you followed to create it? For instance, did you enter or edit the configurations using a text editor?

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This is a duplicate of
OpenVPN-Client on RUT956 not connecting
I re-posted it, because I had a typing mistake in the title.

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OpenVPN-Client on RUT966 not connecting

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