Open port for python script

I’m using TRB140. I want to open the port on the device and handle traffic in the Python script that has been deployed.

I created a Traffic Rule and port forward

Incoming IPv4&6 TCP
From wan
To Device port 9999

I run the script and then try to connect to it using telnet, but the connection is refused, and I can’t see any movement in the script.

Am I missing something?


Are you sure that your python script handles connection via your configured 9999 port correctly? Before uploading it straight to the gateway, try testing it on your computer while trying to access it on the mentioned port. Does your script work in this configuration?

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You were right. The problem was with the device in a local network to which I wanted to proxy traffic.

On the other device, everything worked properly.



I’m glad it all worked out! If you have any other issues, feel free to reach out again.

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