On the RUTX11 Can I put each sim card into Bridge Mode?

I’d like to connect two of my own gateways to the RUTX11 such that each of them receive the IP address from the ISP directly… one from SIM1 and the other from SIM2. Is that possible? How do I tell the RUTX11 that I want SIM1 to bridge to one port on the device, while SIM2 bridges to a different port?


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Unfortunately, RUTX11 has only one modem. It uses two SIM cards for SIM switching, which is a failover mechanism. In this setup, one card is designated as the main one, and the other serves as a standby. If the main card fails, the system switches to the standby card. This means that only one SIM card is active at any given time.
To conclude this, it is not possible to connect devices in the way you described to RUTX11.

However, if the simultaneous activation of both gateways is not a requirement, you have the option to enable bridge mode on both mobile interfaces (mob1s1a1 and mob1s2a1).

Alternatively, our RUTX12 product has two modems, making the desired configuration achievable with this device.

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Thanks for that response. So with the RUTX12, I can have both SIM1 and SIM2 in bridge mode, where SIM1 bridges to one port and SIM2 bridges to another port. That is perfect. Is there documentation showing how to do this somewhere? I’ve had a look around and the documentation I found on Bridge mode was the same for the X11 and the X12 from what I could see. Can you direct me to the specific documentation on the X12 that shows this capability?



I’d like to know if there are other devices that support more than 2 SIM cards running simultaneously?


Currently, the RUTX12 is the only product that comes with 2 modems out of the box.

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Ok, thanks, but my question was if there are devices with MORE than 2. Are there?

No, currently there are no products that support 3 or more SIMs.

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