No mobile data usage collected

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I have a RUTX50 and I used to see my up and downloaded data (either per day, week or month). But somehow it disappeared. If there is an enable/disable switch for this I accidentally switched I would like to where because I can’t find anything to get it back.


Firstly, I would like to kindly inquire about the steps you’ve taken to address this issue. Perhaps you were in the process of configuring something, or did it occur unexpectedly?

Additionally, I’d like to ask about your mobile SIM card. Would you mind checking once more to ensure that your SIM card is correctly inserted and that the mobile connection is established? You can check it by navigating on router WebUI to Status → Network → Mobile. When connection is established you have to see a lot of information about SIM card itself, it‘s state, data transmission parameters and so on.
I‘m adding screenshot how it looks on my device when SIM card is inserted :

And this how it looks when SIM card is not inserted :

I recently conducted a few tests on the RUTX50 device with RutOS 7.4.5 firmware, and I was able to replicate the issue you encountered only when I performed a factory reset on the device and started it without any SIM card inserted. This behavior is normal, because without a previously inserted SIM card, there would be no mobile data usage history to display.

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Hi Julius,

Thank you for your reply and thank you for the suggestions.

All mobile info seems to be ok and I don’t have any issue at the moment except this send and received data issue. Strange enough it does appear with the mobile data but not at the real time collection.

So that all looks good but at mobile usage there is nothing. I try to read this date via modbus but nothing appears :thinking:


Thanks for additional information.

I’ve personally ran couple tests on RUTX50 device to verify if I could retrieve mobile usage data information through Modbus, and I’m pleased to report that everything functioned smoothly without any issues.

I’d like to kindly recommend that you consider performing a factory reset on the router to see if the problem persists. If it does, my next suggestion would be to try a last-resort device recovery option. This entails placing the router into bootloader menu mode and attempting an update from that point.

You can access detailed instructions on how to perform this process by referring to the following link: Bootloader menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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