No Invite Button on RMS

I have an RMS-account that I have bought through 3IoT (Denmark). I would like to invite new users, but the “Invite Button” is missing. I have been told that I need to go through 3IoT to add new users. I would like to be able to invite new users without having to contact 3IoT every time. Is there a way to do this?


When adding a new user to RMS, it’s important to assign them a role. For instance, the primary role is ‘Administrator,’ which grants control over all aspects of the system. Alternatively, users may have an ‘End Client’ role, limiting their access to only see and interact with devices and users that belong to their specific company. Since most likely your current role is ‘End Client,’ which offers limited permissions, I recommend reaching out to 3IoT and requesting a role change to a custom role that enables user invitation. If they are able to accommodate this request, you’ll then have the capability to invite new users

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