New devices in RMS with incorrect Data

we made a mistake and stored two devices with incorrect data (Ser. Number and MAC Adress) an then unfortunately also assigned them a 5 year License.
We cant register the correct number of the Device, it ist blocked.
How can we correct this?



Can you please specify what do you mean by:

Could you please take a screenshot of error? Thank you.

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Device 1 TAP200
Device 2 TSW202
when i try to add the correct data

i want to register the correct devices an transmit the RMS-Lizenses to the real devices.

I hope you can help me
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Please refrain from sharing sensitive information such as device serial numbers and MAC addresses on public forums, as it may pose security risks.

I have sent you a form to fill out so that I can contact you privately regarding this issue. Please use “6621” as the ticket ID.

Thank you.

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