"Network Serving" option in event reports

Here is a typical example of the “Network Serving” information in an RUTX50 event report:

Network serving - 3,LTE,FDD,505,1

Could you explain what this information is/means?


Could you clarify where this information is configured within the events reporting menu? Are you utilizing the pre-defined variables within the message text? What event type have you selected?
From what I can tell:

  • LTE - network technology in use;

  • FDD - Band being used is of frequency division duplex type. This means that different frequencies are used for uplink and downlink channels. In non-American regions, the most common FDD LTE bands are 1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 28.

  • 505 - likely refers to the MCC value, which represents your country. In this case it would be Australia;

  • 1 - likely refers to the MNC value, which represents the operator number. If my previous assumption is correct, you operator is Telstra.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daumantas, thanks for your reply.

Yes it is a standard pre-defined variable that I believe can be included in any event report. It appears in the list of pre-defined variables as Network serving - %sv.


Yes, then my assumption was correct.
As for the 3, it refers to the UE (user equipment) state, which means your device is connected to the network.

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