Need to connect to multiple plc with fast roaming

I want to setup fast wifi roaming on my topology.
Here i am using rutx10 for our configuration , topology i need is attached and the existing working topology is also attached.
Limitation is my tablet can connect only to one host address( and if required i can use 9 teltonika rutx10 to setup 8 machine in this topology.
Moreover I want fast roaming feature to be deployed in this topology so that if any of the signal gets weaker i will be able to access all the siemens plc from my samsung tablet.
All 8 machines are in a gap of maximum 200 to 500 meters from each other and if any of the signal is getting weaker the other rutx10 act as a signal extender.
In short all my plc should communicate to my samsung tab at the same time and are connected wirelessly to each other and can increase eachothers range.

I think you should configure mesh link (802.11s) between RUTX10s and bridge it to “lan”. Also create AP with same SSID over all RUTX10s and bridge it to the same “lan”. Then your tablet should be able to roam between RUTX10 devices and should be able to reach all PLCs.

One downside of this could be that if there will be too big gap between one pair of RUTX10s your tablet can’t access both parts of chain. But if signal between RUTX10s will be enough this should be fine.
Tablet probably don’t support wireless mesh protocol itself.

Thanks simonas ,
I can change the topology so that we can place a rutx10(#) separately without a plc and then all the rutx10 connected to machine plc will talk to that rutx10(#).
Can this solve the above stated downside?
Am new to networking so can you please tell the steps to configure the above procedure .

Theoretically yes, but your tablet then should always go along with that RUTX, so might be impractical, but possible to do like that.

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