Need help with publishing via mqtt with mosquitto package

Hi Teltonika team,

Regarding the advice in the below link:

When trying to implement this solution using Teltonika CLI we are receiving message- “Failed to send request: Operation not permitted”

Any support to get the mosquitto package installed and running would be greatly appreciated.


Could you please provide more details about the issues you’re experiencing, particularly when you receive the “Failed to send request: Operation not permitted” error message? If possible, attach a screenshot.

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Hi Marijus,

At the moment we are using barcode scanner model PD9630 with RS232 port which we are trying to publish via Mosquitto as per the recommendation on these forums.

We are using Azure IOT Hub to receive messages from the device.

We are running an RUT956 and in CLI we are attempting to install this Mosquitto package with little success (using the commands in the quoted post).

If you know of any way to get Mosquitto running or an alternative package to use it would be appreciated.



To use mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub, you additionally need to install mosquitto-ssl. You can do this with these commands:

opkg update
opkg install mosquitto-ssl

So, with mosquitto-ssl and mosquitto-client-ssl, you should be able to use mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub to subscribe and publish.

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