Need Help Integrating FMC234 Data with Node-RED via MQTT

Hey, I’m learning here so please bare with me.

I have connected my FMC234 to the Fles.pi portal and its working as expected, I had set up Ruhavic.

Now I’m starting to learn about MQTT and how I can use and log the data etc, I started learning about Node-Red and I installed it and went to set up a new stream to Node-Red but realised the free version of Fles.pi doesn’t allow more than one stream.

So basically need to work around this limitation without having to pay 130/month for a single device… eek.

Without having the greatest of understanding of these systems, I understand the overview of the MQTT protocol and how it works in theory, now my understanding is that the Fles.pi is acting as the MQTT Broker and the device is publishing to it and the broker is having the Ruhavik subscribed to this.

I noticed that my Teltonika RUTX50 has MQTT broker functionality, can I use this somewhere to be the main Broker? and forward to as many services as I want?

Only limitation I see is if the RUTX50 is off-line I have then caused breaks in the chain and nothing will function.

OR do I leave device connected to Flespi and stream to my own broker locally that then I can subscribe my services too?

Sorry I don’t know if this is possible and as such don’t really know what I’m searching for as I don’t know the logical path.

If I was to do this to my RUTX50 is it going to eat up resources and cause router to be overwhelmed?

Hi Superclarkey,

Good day, about the MQTT setup using RUTX50, I will give this topic to my colleagues @Marija and @Marijus from the networks team, they will assist you. :smiley:

Thank you and have a nice day.

Best Regards
Maynard C

How do I get around Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) with EE so that I can address it from the net as that is the next issue I’m running into.


Yes, the RUTX50 can indeed function as an MQTT broker and publisher. Your plan should be achievable with this device.

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