Multiple RUT240-241 as WI-FI repeaters

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to distribute a wi-fi network along a portion of a railway. My goal is to use only a single SIM to gain internet access, then repeat the wi-fi signal.

From here I’ve seen the following image

which is similar to my needs, but still not enough.
My goal is to reach something like this:

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you!

No one can help? Or at least saying that it’s not possible

I have the same need or issue.
So, I start to set up two RUT200 in mesh mode: one gateway with a mobile SIM, and one node without the SIM and the DHCP server. Both are on the same WiFi channel.
It seems simple but it doesn’t work!
Unfortunately, the examples got from here is not working for me

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