Multiple Modbus Utilities

Hello all,
I am hoping that someone on the Teltonika Development team sees this. If so, I would first like to say you make one HECK of a product! Specifically I use the RUT 241 and 956 and it is awesome!

However, I am hoping for some additional functionality in the future. I have some remote PLC’s that talk modbus, and currently I have them being polled by a scada server as a modbus slave and I can make them talk to each other over modbus using the port forwarding and modbus TCP-RTU functions.
Moving forward I would like to utilize the data to server functionality, sending modbus RTU or TCP data. Alas,I cannot utilitize both the TCP to RTU function and the Modbus RTU client functionality. Obviously I don’t know how this is all being handled “under the hood” but it would be great if we could do both of these things at once!

Thank you

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