Multiple L2TP/IPsec connections fails to RutX09

I set up a L2TP VPN Server and IPSec tunnel.
If I connect from one PC to router I cannot connect from another computer. Why?
I added multiple PSK secrets but no one new can connect if one connection has been established.
I would let to connect to VPN minimum 2 users at once.

Hey, there ZafPL!

I have checked out your issue and I think the issue is in the “Global secrets settings” section with the ID selector.

If you head over to “ID selector” you will see such prompt:

Each secret can be preceded by a list of optional ID selectors. A selector is an IP address, a Fully Qualified Domain Name, user@FQDN or %any. When using IKEv1 use the IP address.

So by my understanding, we will need to rename those IDs to our client’s public IP or %any if you do not know the public IP address of the client. They should use the right pre-shared key that you have written out. As in your case, I can see that you are using IKEv1, so we will need to get the IP addresses of our clients.

The issue is with %any when I was testing it out, I could only connect only 1 device, if I had used public IP for one client and then %any for the other, everything was working smoothly and I connected both devices.

To check for the public IP address, try accessing this site from your client side, which prompts your public IP, so you can add it to ID, this works even if it is masked on NAT, so whatever prompt you will get there, use that IP as an ID selector.

Also don’t forget that the public IP address assigned from your provider that is behind your NAT can change and in that, case you would need to change the IP address if it does change.

I have tested that out and by changing it to the right ID, it works with multiple connections. (in my case I tested it out with 2)

Let me know how it goes once you have changed the ID selectors!

Have a great day,


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