MQTT package doesn't work on firmware 7.5

I’m using a RUT955 with firmware 7.04.5 as MQTT broker. I’ve installed a RUT956 with firmware 7.5 as additional MQTT broker using the same MQTT configuration.

The network access is from mob1s1a1 (private APN), and I can publish items from MQTT explorer using an USB+SIM network card, but I can’t connect from a RUT955 to publish items (this router is currently publishing items on the RUT955 with firmware 7.04.5).

This problem is very particular: I cant run from RUT955 subscriber “telnet IP_broker_956 22” and it works, “telnet IP_broker_956 80” also works, but “telnet IP_broker_956 1883” doesn’t work just from the RUT955 subscriber, but I can connect from my laptop using an USB+SIM network card.

I suspect that firmware 7.5 is plenty of bugs: MQTT, serial over IP, … something has had to be changed to obtain this storm of errors.

By the way, all the MQTT broker routers were reset and configured from zero.

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In v7.5 of RutOS, by default, MQTT broker does not allow anonymous connections. This is outlined in the 7.5 changelog:

Thus if you are not using credentials to connect to your MQTT broker, this option needs to be enabled in order to access the broker. This can be changed in the advanced MQTT broker settings.
This change was done due to security reasons, to avoid exposing the broker to the public internet without explicit user understanding.
Hope this helps!

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Indeed, anonymous connections are allowed:

Hi have been working thorougly on this problem and the solution is configuring the router RUT956 from zero, I have used the configuration above and firmware 7.05.

If you use an older configuration, a lot of bugs/errors/(whatever you name this) will arise and will drive you crazy.

It works now, thanks!

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