MQTT - Monitoring RUT955/RUT956

Hello there. We have a couple of dozen RUT955/956 units in the field, and we would like to monitor them using MQTT. However, the monitoring parameters are very limited according to Monitoring via MQTT - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( Is there any way to personalize them? For example, a status interface, CPU usage, data usage, and so on?

I have the same problem, its like Teltonika doing what ever they can to prevent us from build our own solutions and force us to use there paid services. They even removed pip from python so I cant make my own mqtt publisher. They dont understand people have implemented solutions they want to keep using, and if they keep preventing us to build our own tools there hardware will be useless for us. Not sure if this is by purpose from Teltonika or just some misstakes they made in there firmware.

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Having hundreds of RUT955s in the field, running official openwrt, not Teltonikas stuff. Which also have lot of custom MQTT-comms. You might try to check for mosquitto package, to be used in shell scripts, OR check for package lua-mosquitto, to allow more sophisticated MQTT-comms with LUA.


I found a solution…

login as root using ssh


opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf update
opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf install mosquitto-client-ssl

now you can

mosquitto_pub -h your.brokerservers.address -p the_port_number_you_using -t the_topic -m The_message_you_wanna_send

then make a crontab or what ever you like to publish anything you like.
(this should been there from the start in the firmware I think)
I guess all this will be removed when you do a firmware update later, so make a install script you can run to reinstall things.

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Hello, Can you share your experience using python?

I need to send/receive custom commands to a device connected to serial RS232 port and relay the data to a Iot platform using post commands (maybe store in a USB). Can this be done using python script ? Is there any special thing i need to configure first? I want to use RUT as an edge device.

Thank you

Sorry, I dunno. Used LUA for similar task, instead.

Thanks, I will check it.

Ok, did you changed the RutOs for this to work? Just added LUA packages?

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