MQTT broker Azure IoT Hub communication with TLS


I am trying to publish data to a MQTT broker in a Teltonika RUT 955 device and then transmit it to Azure IoT Hub using the Azure IoT Hub package on Teltonika. However when adding TLS encryption on the broker the publish seems to work fine but no data is being transmitted to Azure. So something is wrong in the connection between Azure IoT Hub and the broker.

I have tried without encryption and it works fine and I am using certificates generated by the Teltonika device.

Any Idea what might be missing to get data through to the Azure IoT Hub? Is there any authentication that needs to be added between the Azure IoT Hub package on the Teltonika and the broker?

Is there any way to monitor the broker on the Teltonika device to get a log of some sort of what is happening to easier solve the issue?


Apologies for a late reply.

All configurations for Azure IoT Hub are available on our wiki page here. Please, make sure that you follow the instructions there and the device is configured according to the example. If there are some issues with this, please, share you current configurations on the device. Before posting your configurations, make sure to blur/hide any sensitive information such as connection strings, public IP addresses, etc.

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