MQTT authentication with self-signed certificate

please help, how to set up MQTT authentication in the Data to Server service if I use a self-signed certificate.
The devices we use with self-signed have the option “Disable Hostname verification” and authentication works. RUT 241 does not have such an option in the settings . How can we configure the RUT241 device in this case?


RUT241 should accept self-signed certificates in the Data to Server configuration. Could you clarify if you’re currently experiencing issues with it? Perhaps credentials are also needed?

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using without TLS, the modem can connect to the Broker, but if TLS is activated, it cannot be connected.

Credentials is used in both situstions

is it absolutely necessary to have all three CA, client and private key files for RUT 241? CA file is enough for MQTT other devices we use…


Could you try uploading any dummy certificate files to the client key and client cert fields, and only upload the actual CA to the CA field?
All 3 files may need to be present for the connection to establish, even if they are not required by the broker.
Let me know if this helps.


Tested with dummy Key and Client files. Does not help.
What should be the extensions of the CA, Key and client files? We use files with the .pem extension. By dummy file do you mean an empty text file ?

Is there any way to log what happens when connecting on the device?

That’s the correct extension.

It should be an actual certificate, but it will not be checked if it’s not needed. Empty files could cause a crash. If you don’t have any keys and client certs, they can be generated in System → Administration → Certificates.

Other than TCPdump, not really. If you are willing to go down the packet capture route, tcpdump can be downloaded from the Services → Package Manager → PAckages menu.

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Thank you for the help . We got the connection up. We regenerated the certificates and now it works.

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