Monitor GSM bands via SNMP?

Dear Teltonika Experts,

I switched from Modbus to SNMP use on the RUTX11 and can monitor several modem parameters of interest in Home Assistant, e.g.:

However, I cannot find GSM bands via SNMP.

I refer to this nice example (via Modbus, though) of user @disuye over in the Home Assistant community:


Is this possible via SNMP, too? Thanks a lot for your help! :heart:


This information doesn’t have an OID, so it can’t be accessed. Trying to access it via SNMP won’t work.

If you truly need it, I suggest following the tutorial you provided in your post. Alternatively, you can use MQTT instead of Modbus.

Also, you can utilize “Data to Server” where you can extract the Band from “Serving cell information”.

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