Modem Update on RUTX12

Hello. If i go into the firmware update page of the Webui it says

|Firmware version|RUTX_R_00.07.04.5|
|Firmware build date|2023-07-24 14:42:15|
|Primary modem firmware version|EG06ELAR04A08M4G|
|Secondary modem firmware version|EG06ELAR04A07M4G|
|Kernel version|5.4.229|
|Firmware version|Newest version installed on the device|

|Primary modem|Update available|
|Secondary modem|Update available|

However if i ask it to update it says.

Update from

Selects whether the firmware will be downloaded from the server or uploaded manually from the computer

Firmware type


Flash selected image


But if i press update it says do not power off modem firmware being updated but it goes no further even if i leave 24hrs.

I tried to find the Modem Firmware on Teltonika website so I could down load and then update from a local file but cant find it ?



Have you tried refreshing the webpage? The modem firmware does not change automatically. Additionally, from EG06ELAR04A07M4G you’ll need to perform the update 2 times, as the updates are performed between the specific versions. So in this case it will be:

  • Update 1:
    EG06ELAR04A07M4G → EG06ELAR04A08M4G

  • Update 2:
    EG06ELAR04A08M4G → EG06ELAR04A20M4G

For the primary modem, only one update process will be done.

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Thanks took 4 in total but all done.

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