Modem on RUTX50 stuck

Hello, I often find modem in this state:

Only restart helps to restore connectivity. What to do with it?

What’s your router’s firmware version (should be latest) and can you post a screenshot of your APN settings as well as Mobile Data where we can see the bands (the screenshot you posted but the part below).


As @TeWe mentioned, there’s likely an APN issue. If you’re using Auto APN but the mobile network isn’t recognizing it, you may need to input the appropriate APN manually. To do this, go to Network → WAN and click “Edit” next to your mobile interface. In the new pop-up window, disable “Auto APN” and choose or input the required APN.

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Thank you for reply.

I have firmware RUTX_R_00.07.07.1

Currently it works:

Auto APN is on, Provided APN:

I will wait until it fail again and then post you the same screenshot. Also will check if APN is the same.

Yes, it looks way better now.
Previously you’ve been on 4G on a single band - now it’s “4G based” (= NSA) 5G connection with carrier aggregation (= more bands bundled together).
And an RSSI value of -42 dBm is really excellent (the lower the value the better).


Good luck that it stays like this! :four_leaf_clover:

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I does not want to rely on luck. Only think I did between this two screenshots is login to the router admin. Same location, same config, just day later. Before it was offline for 3 days.


Are you still having trouble with your connection that requires a complete device reboot to fix? If so, we’ll need to take a closer look at the issue by examining a troubleshoot file. Because this file contains private information, we’ll deal with it on a separate platform. Instructions for accessing it have been sent to the email you used to register for this forum.

Please make sure to generate the troubleshoot file from the device experiencing the issue so that it’s visible in the logs.

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Hello, it is still stable until then. Will send it when it will fail again.

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If the issue returns and this conversation closes, feel free to open a new topic and refer back to this conversation for context.

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