Modem Mode - RUTX50 or TCR100

Can anyone tell me if either the TCR199 or RUTX50 can be put into a ‘modem mode’ of operation please?

I confess I am not overly technical on telecoms, but I am looking to connect the teltonika product to a FortiGate router. i.e. We need the 4g/5g signal to basically supply an Internet signal to the FortiGate that will then do all the Firewall, routing and VPN activities.

Our IT company (who looks after the FortiGate) just informs me that provided that the teltonika can be put into "modem mode’, then all will work!


Certainly the RUTX50 supports this.

If all you’re using the device for, is to transparently pass on the internet connection to your firewall / router, then the RUTX50 may have lots of ‘bells and whistles’ that you’ll be paying for but not use. Maybe a TRB500 will suit better, if looking for a 5G connection.

Still, I’ll leave it to the Teltonika experts to suggest appropriate models.

Many thanks for your reply Mike!

I will take a look at your suggestion.

In truth, it’s our Internet Service Provider that’s offering the 2 models - but certainly the monthly rental on the 5g version is higher (for obvious reasons). But perhaps they’d reduce the cost of we went for the TRB500 ?!

Hopefully, as you say, Teltonika experts may reply too.

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