Mobile devices limited connectivity on wifi

Hi, we have been using various model 4G RUT’s for many years and have had no major issues.
Recently we are experiencing an odd issue, with some new units (RUT241, RUTx11) and some older units out on the field (RUT950).

The issue is when mobile devices (android, IOS) connect to the wifi network, they receive status “connected with limited connectivity”. However a windows laptop connecting to the same wifi network will get internet access without issue.

All RUT’s are using 4G mobile sims, connecting to our corporate wan with CHAP authentication. If we disable the WAN login, and just use the default APN, the internet works on the mobile devices normally.

How can laptop devices connected to wifi work, but mobile devices not?


Based on your description, it seems that the issue might be related to either CHAP authentication or your APN settings. The reason why different devices react differently could be due to the fact that various operating systems (such as Windows, Android) interact differently with CHAP authentication protocol.

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