Mising IPSEC module?

Hello, i had a scenario where i needed the strongswan farp module (farp Plugin :: strongSwan Documentation). I could not find it in the Teltonika RutOS package repo. So i had to go to openwrt (an old version, since RutOS currently uses strongswan 5.9.2 while openwrt is at 5.9.11) and download and install strongswan-mod-farp_5.9.2 manually.

Could the opkg repo be updated to include this (and possibly other missing modules) ?


In our Teltonika’s opkg repository, we have packages that have been tested and confirmed to work correctly on our products. However, you still have the option to install other modules at your discretion and under your own responsibility. Custom paths for OpenWRT repositories can still be found in /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf

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