MAX Thruput: RUTX50, RUTX11

I was looking at the spec sheet of the RUTX50 today, and noticed it shares the same CPU as RUTX11 (Quad-core ARM Cortex A7, 717 MHz). I have never been able to get my RUTX11s to NAT traffic > ~700Mbit/sec (that’s with a fresh config, not any extra firewall rules, and with software flow offload enabled.)

I’m wondering if the X50 shares the same limitation? Or is this fixable with software somehow? I would love for my X11’s to be able to route at 900Mbit/s like most other cheap $50 Linksys routers on the shelf these days. But especially if the RUTX50 is claiming “speeds of up to 3.3 Gbps”- how that is possible?

3.3Gbps in your dreams…

I have a TRB500 and it also says 3.3Gbps DL for 5G NSA.

I read this as a theoretical limit of what the hardware in TRB500 is capable of.

You need to take into consideration also what the mobile network is capable of now and in the future.

In my case it doesn’t matter how the future evolve since TRB500 “only” has a 1 Gbps Ethernet interface.

(A 10/100/1000/2500 Mbps Ethernet port would have been a more “future-proof” concept, still I stood in the que for one of the first units to arrive since I thought this was right choice for my need)

Best test-result so far with Ookla Speedtest on a Windows 10 computer, routed with NAT through TRB500 is 910 Mbps down and 155 Mbps up. This is quite close to the theoretical max speed over 1 Gbps Ethernet.

I have a RUTX50 with 5G-NSA and a OOKLA speed of 1-5Mbps (and nobody can tell me why :sleepy:)

Anybody can tell you why you have such low speed, if you provide enough data.
For example, what is your LTE/5G performance/statistics? (RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR)
Did you change mobile settings or they on full auto?
Which server you selected in SpeedTest?
Is this server is nearest to your LTE/5G carrier or may be it even hosted by your carrier?

See my other topic. All your questions can be answered.

I have a RUTX50 and using 2 x Direction antennas (Panorama WMM8G-7-38-5SP) pointing to a mast 5.5km distant I get 300mb/s 5G for the past 3 months since installing. Recently, There are times during the day when performance has dropped away most notably around 6pm to 8pm but this might be related to a recent maintenance issue which has caused the speed to very low because of some engineering problems this past 2 weeks.