Manage NMEA Sentences when sending to HTTP server


I am sending GPS data from a RUTX50 to a HTTP server. I would like to manage the NMEA sentences being sent but there does not seem to be an option to do this.

It appears that I can only adjust NMEA sentence settings if I use NMEA forwarding.

Is there a way to limit the NMEA messages? Do Teltonika offer a free server to parse NMEA messages?


I should add that an option would also be to simply get parsed data. Lat, Long, Timestamp, Satellites, Accuracy. Could the router do this parsing?


Thanks for reaching us.

There is a NMEA sentences feature in RUTX50 device, more information in the link below


Thanks for the response Louay, I was aware of the NMEA sentences feature but it did not appear to be useable unless sending via TCP/UDP. I would like to use HTTP forwarding with control over the sentences. Can that be done?

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