MAC address changed with firmware RUTX_R_00.07.06


I upgraded a RUTX10 and a RUTX11 with latest firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.06).
The “Wireless (5GHZ) MAC address” changed from “00:1E:42:…” to “02:1E:42:…”.
The interface is used as client.

Thanks for any explanation.


The reason for this is that the router uses a locally administered MAC address for its wireless interface (client) when it is connected to an external WiFi network.

Wireless interface MAC addresses can be the following:


This gives you an added benefit of privacy since the MAC address is shown to a wireless network when you connect to it, which can be used for tracking the device and other malicious intent.

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Hello Robert,

Thanks for your answer.
Is it considered as a kind of MAC randomization ? I understand that this ensure privacy. But I suppose that it fits best with public hotspots ?
When will the address switch from x2 to x6|xA|xE ?
We are using the routers in a private infrastructure.
Is it possible to deactivate this feature, please ?

Thanks for your help.



Yes, it can be considered as MAC randomization, but switching from x6|xA|xE is not guaranteed since it is done by the mac80211 subsystem or the wifi driver itself.

As of now, deactivating this feature is not a possibility since it helps to ensure that the MAC address will be locally administered and will not conflict with other global MAC addresses.

I would recommend keeping it as it is if it’s not causing any issues in your infrastructure setup since FW version 07.06 offers improvements and fixes on other features.

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Hello Robert,

Thanks for the explanation.
Conflict with other global MAC addresses should not be an issue because original MAC address is unique.
We didn’t encounter any issue so far, but DHCP reservations has to be changed…


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