M-Bus data do not refesh (TRB143)

I try to receive data from an Relay RelAir-R2M via M-Bus. I do receive data, but they don’t refresh anymore. When I click the test button in Request Configuration, the data are always the same.

When I change that “FCB toggle” configuration, the data will be refreshed once. But then not anymore. I have to change the “FCB toggle” configuration again, to get new data once.

The cycle repeats, I have to toggle the “FCB toggle” configuration, every time I want new data.

I use the TRB142, frimware is the newest (TRB1_R_00.07.05.4).

Which slave id do you use?

You have to use the secondary slave id. For example “12345678FFFFFFFFF”.

It doesn´t work with the primary, like “1”.

OK, thanks for the suggestion, I changed it to the secondary address. The source is sending very seldom so it takes some time to get the result.

Changing from primary to secondary address works perfect. Thanks for the help

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