LTE bridge "RUTX11/RUTX12"

Please tell me, do the settings of “RUTX11/RUTX12” allow you to use a mobile antenna to create a local network?
Can I use the mobile output (SMA for LTE) without using a SIM card? Can I configure the router to communicate with another router via an antenna connected to the mobile connector, or is only Wi-Fi available for this?
I understand that in most countries the LTE band is regulated, but this case will apply in unregulated territories.
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The RUTX11/RUTX12 routers allow you to use a mobile antenna to connect to a cellular network, which can then be shared with your local network devices via LAN or Wi-Fi. However, please note the following specifics:

  1. The mobile antenna is specifically designed for LTE connections. It cannot be used for other purposes without a SIM card inserted into the router.
  2. Direct communication between routers via the mobile (LTE) connectors is not supported. The LTE antennas are intended solely for establishing connections to cellular networks. To communicate between RUTX11/RUTX12 routers, you should use Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, please let me know.

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